Opportunity is a Means for Your Growth

“The word opportunity means a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success*. Our entire life from birth till we die is a chance for us to benefit and gain success creating your opportunities with growth.

Opportunity is something that comes to people by itself or that people need to find or create on their own. Opportunity is that gateway to success, which will require ones skill and ability to discover, perceive and pursue to its logical end.

Opportunity represents the environmental or contextual mechanisms that enables action through your transition. Opportunities are present all around you, you just need to learn how to identify and step into them. There is nothing in the Universe that says you can’t fulfill your own dreams and create a life you want to live. On the contrary, the Universe actually invites you to step into who you were created to BE offering your unique skills to others in ways only you can.

Opportunities rarely happen in your comfort zone. If an opportunity were prone to present itself where you are, then you’d already have one. Use your confidence to step outside your comfort zone and engage people and situations that will help get you to where you want to BE.

Personal opportunities are the things you want to achieve, or the things you'd like to change about yourself. Your personal opportunities for learning, growing and improving are endless as you trust your process in your continuum change through time.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur embarking on your next business idea or a visionary simply wanting to start a new quest in your personal life, you don’t need to wait around for an opportunity to present itself. By knowing yourself and making a conscious choice and effort to push forward, you can create your own opportunities or find ones that fit what you’re looking for with desired outcome.

As a leader you have the opportunity to help people succeed in their work, get promoted, gain confidence, achieve socially and so much more. If you positively impact those team members you are having a positive impact in all you do. This privilege is one of the great joys of leadership which we all have. As much as creating opportunities is based on doing, it’s also about how you do it, to BE your authentic self. Being a good person and putting positivity into the
Universe invites good things to happen in return.

Take time to genuinely connect with others, instead of having a one-track mind for building an opportunity for yourself. By creating lasting, solid relationships, people will remember you when an opportunity arises that requires your expertise.”

     “BE Your Opportunity in All You Do !“

 *Oxford dictionary

Change is a Continuum

“Change is defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different.”* “Time is a constant, a continuum of change as it never stops or goes back only acts in the moment moving forward. This is where we find our peace in our continuum of growth of transition in the energy of constant change. The challenge with changes comes from our tendency to see them as problems rather than opportunities for learning and expansion. Most people are afraid of changing their routines because they have either had a tough time adapting in the past or have witnessed the difficulties others have had.

People can change when they're self-aware, accepting, receive support, and become intentional about behaving differently with conscious choice. When change happens, the familiar and traditional ways in which you operate are challenged. This questioning of your need for comfort, control, and safety- the reason you operate the way you do- is often perceived as a painful experience. It is this pain that you try to resist when you resist change. Instead apply awareness with acceptance in your change to create opportunity for growth in all you do.

We all make mistakes and there is no shame in that. What matters is how you react to them. If you accept that change is a part of life and embrace it, you are more likely to try new things. This will allow you to experiment and learn from your mistakes. When you make a mistake, you’re still growing. You’re just learning through a different method. Mistakes aren’t wrong. They are simply opportunities to do better and improve. This can help you become more efficient in your daily tasks and improve in the long run in the work place, athletic world as well as relationships while achieving desired performance in all you do.

By embracing change, you are able to see what is important to you. Change can help you become more focused in your life and know what you want out of it. When you experience change, it can create a ripple effect. This can affect everything in your life, including your relationships of all kind. BE your continuum of change giving 100% of your core energy in all you do in the moment and that is good enough bringing peace in your continuum of transition and change."

"Old Ways and Limiting Beliefs Will Not Open Up New Doors"*

  *Oxford dictionary

Let’s Discuss Collaboration in Business Through Human Core Energy Values

"Human collaboration involves working toward shared goals. We see examples of collaboration in our everyday life, from seeing brands coming together to cross-promote each others' products to teams working on a group project. It is part of building a Success Posse creating a common understanding in the work environment. Collaboration is one of the Core Values which reminds us we won't thrive without recognizing one another's strengths .It means 'listening and evolving together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal

. A prominent characteristic of collaborative management is the active participation by all levels of management and employees. It encourages the input and opinions of each member of an organization and encourages collective participation in essential organization functions. This includes Team-based solutions which is a key characteristic of collaborative management as it assists in the overcoming challenges or barriers in the workplace. When a collaborative organization encounters a challenge or setback, the entire team of management and employees contributes to seeking a solution. Not only does this allow for innovative thinking and creativity with growth but it also ensures that the solutions implemented benefit each member of the organization.

Core Energy collaboration strengthens relationships. Employees work more frequently as a team under collaborative management styles, which may present more opportunities for connection and the development of positive workplace relationships. When members of a team bond with one another they will be more productive or successful in their collaborative efforts. These connections may also create high levels of loyalty and communication within teams and result in an improvement in products, services and innovative processes.

Collaboration promotes a high level of honest communication between managers, supervisors and employees. In this management and employees work together to achieve mutual objectives and engage in open, effective communication to succeed in their efforts. Honest communication between leadership and staff members is a powerful way to build trust, promote discussion and maintain positive relationships in the workplace. With organizations improving their functions by allowing managers to combine their strengths with the strengths of their employees they collectively overcome challenges as a team and enhance the efficiency and productivity of business operations. With the communication lines open to all involved a Success Posse is formed which empowers overall successful growth in all we do in business and life."

 "Effort is the Direct Reflection of Interest"

The Energy of Purpose in the Workplace

“Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”*  “Purpose can help employees understand why they're carrying out a particular venture, why this venture matters to their career and why their career impacts the organization or industry. When employees believe in the value of their work, it can help them feel motivated, fulfilled and connected in the workplace. As people change, their values and motivations may develop as well and what helps them find purpose in their career may shift over time. Since purpose can change over time and time is a continuum employees need to reflect on their goals and values throughout their careers.

By identifying changes in your values you may either decide to pursue a different type of work that’s more fulfilling or identify new ways of connecting your current work to your motivations. When individuals understand how their work contributes to a larger vision or societal impact they feel a sense of pride and fulfillment. Purpose provides them with a reason to push their boundaries, overcome challenges, and strive for excellence. It fuels their intrinsic motivation, leading to increased productivity, innovation and a willingness to take initiative.

People want to contribute to something bigger than themselves by doing work that matters and a strong sense of shared purpose can be a unifying force that helps every employee see how their day-to-day actions contribute to an organization’s overall success. Not only does purpose drive employees, it drives results as well. Now more than ever employees seek organizations that align with their ethics and values.

To continue to attract top talent in a competitive job market organizations have taken steps to redefine and communicate their purpose. Being able to clearly articulate why your organization matters to people has become a top priority. However, purpose shouldn’t just be a set of words. Top performing organizations take purpose one step further by using it to guide decisions and operations. An extraordinary business starts with extraordinary people. Extraordinary people start with purpose."

"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."
                                                                                       John F. Kennedy
*Oxford dictionary

Companies are Finding Sustainable Success in Building The Energy of Conscious Culture Within Their Businesses

“Building a Conscious Culture in your workplace starts with recognizing that your company is ready for a change. This could be either a full culture re-write, or small culture tweaks based on employee feedback. It’s important to remember that a culture is a living, breathing thing that will evolve and change as your company grows in the continuum of time. A Conscious Culture in practice can take many forms. Examples of how it plays out could include making sure your teammates feel valued through employee recognition and respectful working hours giving frequent, honest, and fair feedback and actively cultivating an inclusive environment that celebrates your uniqueness and allows everybody to thrive.

A Conscious Culture fosters connection, care, trust, and honesty between team members and other stakeholders with clearly articulated values that are translated into behaviors. The truth is we all want more authenticity and deeper connections in our lives. The desire for fulfillment at work and at home is driven by a yearning to be totally authentic in all that we do. In allowing others to be their own authentic selves you’ll find you’ve also created the space for you to do the same. Operating from a place of complete authenticity is at the heart of what true leadership is all about. A Conscious Culture is a fearless one and that starts with you.

Purpose is a top priority in building a conscious community. A purpose driven Conscious Culture means that time and effort have been invested in making sure that how your company operates is as important as your business outcomes. Every individual company will have their own unique culture. Purpose in a business of Conscious Culture is built upon it’s foundational principles. Consciousness in the workplace is a critical skill for effective leaders. By cultivating empathy, understanding decision making processes, promoting consistency and building strong teams. Leaders can create a work environment where individuals feel more valued, supported and empowered. It is possible to achieve quality consciousness in the workplace by implementing strategies such as communication, equality, feedback, and inspiration.

Additionally it is important for employees to feel ownership over their work and be able to contribute their best efforts. Creating equality gives a positive work environment that is free from discrimination and offers equal employment opportunities to all is another important strategy to achieve quality consciousness in a productive workplace. By promoting a culture of inclusiveness it is easier for employees to feel comfortable sharing ideas and offering feedback. Finally, creating an inspiring work environment that focuses on the impact of work on the employee’s life maximizes the return on investment and enjoyment that comes from an authentic Conscious Culture.” 

         "From Impossible to I'm Possible"